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Why did I ever have my blog pink? I really need to change it. My taste in style has definitely changed since I started my hiatus……Im thinking of coming back soon though. Hopefully after my exams. Miss you all!

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

Hopefully I can get back into the swings of things soon
But until that happens you guys can find me on my twitter or my DeviantArt

Also I have a account that I never use. So lets put some use to it! Ask me questions! 

Hope to talk to you all! <3

ugh sorry im so dead everyone :c

Guys im sorry Im horrible at checking this. Its just school and ugh. I know Ill start back up for sure when summer starts, it happens every year. Its just hard to keep this updated :( But if you guys care, Im a little bit more active on my twitter? My account is horrible but its something. I have more time to make a little tweet then to spend gathering pictures to reblog and to keep it going steady :( thats it if you care

ugh i love you all thanks for not unfollowing during this little hiatus I suppose.

Update: Hopefully I can get a queue going for you guys soon, I hope you are all fine and dont mind my absence at the moment. Its so hard to make sure you guys get post everyday when also dealing with school, family, and everything else that somehow started happening in my life. I hope you can bare with everything and stick with me till things can get rolling again! 

Ill get a queue set up as soon as I find time, I promise.


sorry for not posting

my life is hectic and everything just kinda sucks right now

im trying to focus on me and get better, so hopefully see you all again sometime soon

Jake and Russell wont be on the fall tour and just excuse me while I cry


I said I would do a thingie, so here is the thingie. 


  • My Chem “School Sucks” Varsity Jacket (Which they don’t make in any size except X2 anymore!!!) - I have two, one in medium and one in small. They both fit me and neither is more than a half year old , so you pick which size.
  • A mix cd - customized according to your music taste
  • Some yummy non-perishable baked good or candy
  • I’ll probably throw in some wristbands and buttons 


  • this is a thing to thank my followers so I think it’s only fair that you must be follow me 
  • reblog as many times as you want
  • keep your askbox open and respond promptly please because I will not be announcing the winner on my blog, only messaging you
  • likes don’t count 
  • it ends on September 24th, so you have all summer

Thank you and good luck (I have a multi-fandom giveaway here)

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The next Punk Goes album is clearly going to be Christmas and im not happy


All Time Low Photographed on the set of  A Love Like WarAugust, 2013
You can win this polaroid! Details here!


All Time Low 
Photographed on the set of  A Love Like War
August, 2013

You can win this polaroid! Details here!


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